The Worst Running Injury !!

What is the " WORST RUNNING INJURY " is it the ff.
1. Runner's Knee
2. Achilles Tendinitis
3. Hamstring pull
4. Plantar Fasciitis
5. Shinsplits
6. Iliotibial Band Syndrome
7. Stress Fracture
WRONG !!!!
The Worst Running injury is a wound on the " PINKY of your TOE ".
- The Toe constantly hurts especially when it rubs on the socks / shoe.
- Because of the pain you adjust your running form which will lead to other structural injuries.
- You cant wear snugly fitting shoes especially on the toe area.
- Your constantly playing a game of "Patintero" with you family to avoid them accidentally stepping on the wounded toe.
- But most of all it HURTS !!!!
Don't be fooled ! It may be a Small wound size but definitely BIG in Pain !