Happy Birthday

Today March .17 is my Birthday.
Iam officially 48 years old.
If you search the Net " What is the life expectancy of an Asian male ". The age number that pops out is 80 years old.
Meaning If you do the Math : 80 - 48 = 32.
I have 32 more birthday years to go. Morbid isn't it ?! but sometimes its better to face reality head on than putting it at the back of your head.
Anyway skip subject

Time Line Age :7 -13 -18 - 33 -44 - 48 years old respectively.

I wonder how i will look when I'm 55 and 80 years old ?
For my Birthday I have nothing really planned. In fact Parties, celebration , Dinner etc. is really not my cup of Tea. I would rather just treat my Birthday like any ordinary day.
but i plan to do the ff:
1. Drop by Church and say Thank you.
2. Have some " Peking Duck " for lunch which is my favorite. I love Peking Duck just don't tell my doctor :-).
3. Have a slice of Lemon / Calamansi Pie which is also my favorite.
4. Birthday Run the plan was to do at least a 25km but because of my Dang left foot injury any decent distance will do.
Happy Birthday to me. :-)