Birthday .... Part 2

I did not really want to celebrate my Birthday( I’m a total corn ball ) but when Mabu said let’s have a little get together with some friend as a gesture of Thanksgiving for our survival in the “ Japan Earthquake “ I said OK.
She even guaranteed me that the food would be excellent in taste (she did the cooking) and the visitors would come in at 5pm so they can leave early (I’m sleepy by 9 PM).
She was totally right! The steak and prawns she prepared and cooked was super delicious that I had to stop myself in having my 3rd serving.
We had a lot of laughter with friends and over flowing of wine and “Lamabanog “.
It was a great evening and I had a great time.
Thank you to my wife. It was really a special day for me.

Running Shield Birthday cake ! cool !!Steak , prawns, paella , calamari, salad so much food but no Peking Duck :-( 16km Birthday run. wanted to do more but taking it easy because of my Dang left foot injury.
But In spite of the good food, great company and a decent running mileage I still felt an emptiness in my heart……
The ff. day I got an email from my Daughter “Patricia “from Boston. As I read it my eyes turned red and a mixture of sadness and happiness but at least the emptiness in me was gone.