Holidays... Food...Running

I’m usually in a bad mood during the Christmas Season. This is because I feel that the True meaning of Christmas has been lost in the Shopping mall.
Christmas has become so commercialized that, in my opinion, Gift-giving and receiving becomes more of an Obligation rather than a gesture from the heart.
That’s how I thought of the Holiday Season for the past years. But for this year, it was different.
Believe it or not, I was in a more positive mood & was very excited about it.
Well, this is because I was looking forward for my daughter Patricia, who was coming home from Boston for the holidays and I can see that my wife and youngest daughter was equally as excited.
Our family spent as much time as possible together. We went on out of town trips. Ate, laughed, Talked, Ate again, had coffee and ate some more.
I was eating so much that even if I was running an average 100 km a week, the weighing scale seemed to be stuck at 129 lbs! Grrrr!
I was a bit worried that I won’t hit my ideal weight for the Condura Skyway Marathon, where in I will be doing the 42k event.
But then again, I realized that all the pounds gained for the holidays does not really matter, as every minute spent bonding with my family was all worth it.
Even if the true meaning of Christmas in the 21st Century has changed, it still depends on how a person sees it’s true value, the way it should be. Family, Love, and most of all SHARING & GIVING selflessly, without expecting anything in return.
Christmas Eve Dinner in the house. My wife ( Mabu ) prepared a fabulous Surf and Turf meal

Christmas Lunch is usually spent with my family the Raul Concepcion Clan.

Last count we are a total of 26.

New years Eve Dinner and Celebration at Taal Vista Lodge, Tagaytay

Taal volcano on the background.

New Years with the Uchico Family


Lunch at Antonio's

Lunch with Frank Gray and his family

( Frank Gray is the Director of Dolphy's film "Jejemon")

Fine dinning at Antonio's. more food!

On the way to Los Banos we stopped by a Filipino Restaurant.

That serve excellent Flip food. I love the Crispy Pata

Who's the wise Guy who drained the pool

I love Pies. Apple pie, Strawberry pie , Blueberry pie, Coconut Pie. All kinds of pies!
But the best Coconut Cream Pie that I have ever tried comes from a House located just in front of Little Souls Church, Tagaytay City.
The Coconut Cream pie is homemade and simply delicious. What makes it mouth-watering is it’s cream is not too sweet and thick in texture .
The toasted coconut shavings on top gives it extra crunch that makes it unique and so much better than the pies from other famous restaurants.
I so love it that I ate half the box in just one sitting. Now, you know why I’m struggling to keep my weight down!

1st Run of the year 2011 in Tagaytay. Man do i need it badly.

Looking forward to 2011

I usually get a pair of running shoes as a Christmas gift to myself but decided to get this T-shirt instead :-).