The Underarm Run 2010 - Part 1

“Just when everybody’s around your Rexona won’t let you down”......... That’s the Rexona T.V. jingle in the 80’s that keeps on playing in my head :-)

The Rexona Run 2010.
I’m excited to join this race for 2 reasons :
1. I have never joined a 21k Race in the Roxas Boulevard area. ( This will be my 1st Time ).
2. The “D- Tag” is supplied by our sister company “CONTEL COMMUNICATIONS”. The funny thing is i don’t even know how to Install the dang thing in my running shoe. I almost used scotch tape and mighty bond to hold it together. :-)
When I woke up around 3am Sunday morning (Race day) The first thing I notice is my legs felt heavy and stale, I guess it’s because I’ve been doing high mileage this past weeks and I even did a 13km run (Saturday ) the day before Race day.
This is the main reason that I decided to wear my CWX tights on race hopefully it can give me a little Umpf!! to run faster But frankly I think it’s because I gained a few pounds which is the main reason my legs feel like Logs.... get it “ LEGS”..... “LOGS”.
My wife ( MABU ) was also not feeling very well she even threw up a couple of times in the morning “ NO She’s not Pregnant “.
She’s developing a bad cold and Cough.
In spite of this “Negative feelings we would not even dream of missing the Rexona Race because if it’s a Race organize by Rio you can be sure that it will be a good one.
The Race route made several twist and turns in the MOA area and at one point we reached the very end of Diosadao Macapagal Ave. passing the DFA office and Uniwide Building. It was a flat course which was very good if you want to improve in your PR.
The weather was a bit humid but one thing good about Rio is you can be sure that the Water and PowerAde would be overflowing.
Overall it was a good race I did not break my PR but I don’t mind their will always be next time. What’s most important we enjoyed our run.
Mabu , Marie B. and Zack
Zack and good friend Robert Breakfast with Running friends ( Julius K., Marie B. Mabu, me, Claire K. and Tina K. Would you believe we had breakfast at a restaurant that has the same food like SiLogExpress
Very nice couple “Gerry and Tanya Llamas” it was my pleasure to meet you both. Thank you for your very kind words about my daughter who is going to Boston.
I’m sure when your kids have to leave home you’ll cry too :-).
Running Friend “Vener Roldan” Gone Running Club members with our sister company runners “Concepcion Carrier Air-condition Co.” Rick Inion with race bib no. 43, Mark Salvador (knightrunner) 3rd from right. Great run guys Congratulations!! Allen Co. "CCAC runner" Finished his 1st 21k race Congratulation!!!! Are those new Adidas Running shoe ?
"Running Addicts" Jayson Tan. Merchandise Manager ACE Hardware, me & Michael Flores Supervisor of SM mall of Asia.
This has really nothing to do with running but seeing a Volkswagen “ Combi “ brings back a lot of good memories from my childhood days.