Condura Run Dolphin Wharf

8,500 runners contributed to making the Condura Run Wharf possible.
Pamilcan island lies in the heart of the Bohol marine triangle- the dolphin capital of the Philippines.
Driven by poverty, the people of the island of Pamilacan used to kill dolphins and whales for a living. today, amidst great personal sacrifice, they have turned to ecotourism as a means of livelihood and have now become the protectors of the dolphins.

Eco Tourism at this point does not yet provide a stable source of income since it is just only beginning and due to seasonality. The people of Pamilacan therefore need all the help they can get to make ecotourism viable and to prove that they as a community are better of protecting the dolphins rather than hunting them.

That's where the condura run dolphin wharf comes in. before the wharf was constructed, it was very difficult for tourist to board the banka to go to pamilcan for dolphin watching. with the wharf, boarding has become not only convenient but also safe especially to kids and to senior citizens. this wharf will greatly promote ecotoursim in pamilacan.

The people of Pamilcan have been trained to interact with dolphins in the proper way. their priority is not to stress out the dolphins as well as the safety of their passengers. Their boats are duly certified following MARINA safety regulations.

The condura run wharf builds on the pioneering work of the wwf who started the Pamilacan project over 10 years ago. it builds on the fantastic and heartfelt work of BRAABO led by Joel Uichico and Bea Zobel Jr who were the ones responsible for inviting Condura to join their efforts. It builds on the work of the Ayala Foundation who have been working tirelessly with the community. All of this is only possible because of the vision and foresight of the mayor of the municipality of Baclayon, Mr. Alvin Uy and his team. And of course the work of the community of Baclayon most especially the teachers and volunteers. Thank you too to Lisa Digdigan for bringing us to Pamilacan and for her great work in helping to save the dolphins.

Pamilcan with the support of government, ngo's and the private sector will be a showcase to prove to the entire Philippines that our marine environment is more valuable when it is protected rather than exploited. the vision is to have many pamilacan stories throughout the Philippines.

Thank you to the condura run participants for helping write and being part of the story of Pamilacan!