Yakult 2010 - Roxas Boulevard

While most of the runners joined the race that was held in the Fort. I decided to join the Yakult - 10 miler race for 2 major reasons.
1. I love running at the Roxas Boulevard area. It is the perfect definition of a scenic historical landmark of the Philippines. The area is so “Pinoy“, especially when you see several impromptu Aerobic exercise classes lined up near the breakwater area. With its booming loud music, you don’t even have to hire a band anymore to cheer the runners on. What makes it equally nice is seeing different families having their little picnic on the ground. I also love the street vendors who sell taho, sopas, fish balls, cotton candies (which I personally LOVE) etc. So typical Filipino and it makes you appreciate the simple things in life.

2. I am a Loyal YAKULT RACE participant as I have joined their annual races held for the past 23 years, and have missed it only when I am out of the country. It is usually held on the 1st week of Dec, but for whatever reason, last year’s race was cancelled and was moved to March 2010. Hopefully the organizers will move it back to December when the weather is much cooler.

The race started at exactly at 5:30am which is a standard Rudy Biscocho Race time:
The weather was kinda muggy but not so bad giving that it is the summer season.
Distance: 10 miles or 16km.
Finish time: 1:26:18
Pace: 5:25 / km
Check complete results of yakullt 10 miler :

My wife (MABU) and a few friends joined me also on the race they joined the 3k event and i have to say my wife did pretty good. Most definitely she will be joining more races to come and maybe do the 5k or 10k in the near future. Wohoo!!!

There are Infinity numbers. This race no had to be assigned to me ???!!!!

Had a retouch done on my Ink !

Eric, Robin,Liza (Samson ), Mabu , me and Lala of Ben Chan.

My wife ( MABU) & i with our Running Idol " Zorro "