Electronic Acupuncture

After the Yakult Race, I aggravated my Tendon Bursitis injury in my left foot again......
but frankly, it really never went away.
What made it worst is my old Osim – Pro Therapist machine, which I’ve had for almost 10 years, conked out on me!
I was left with no choice but to just massage and apply ice on the affected area which helped, but sadly not as much as i would hope so.
Luckily, I was able to find a replacement machine called DOCTRON 3002 which only costs P3,000.00, which is a good buy as compared to the OSIM which cost around P12,000.00

This is a innovative technique of using minute electronic pulses to stimulate natural healing of the body. It is a well known medical method of relieving pain without drugs, as it uses an Electrical Nerve Stimulator, which generates series of pulses transmitted through the skin and into damaged cells. So, instead of having hair-thin needles placed into your flesh, a simple probe is rather used on the skin’s surface, which creates a slight tingling sensation that travels from the stimulator to the electrodes patched over painful areas, or so called “ Curring Points”. This will make the muscle cells expand and contract, and will also improve blood circulation.

In simple Runners Language, this is the ultimate machine that will help you recover faster from your injury and gets you back in 100% running form

And so, after 30-minute use of the said machine, my injury got a little better & did not hurt that much. But of course, I still had to massage and stretch my foot a little more to get it back in good shape.

The Electronic Nerve Stimulator machine is not the holy grail, but just a simple tool that helps faster recovery from an injury.