Condura Run - RunningShied

I know have 3 official & 1 unofficial marathons under my belt. My next marathon will be on...... Just kidding as of this moment i want to savor my Finishing time of 4.28.46.
I'm very happy with my time. I again Cried when I cross the finish line. (I'm really a cry baby).
My goal from the very start was to finish a sub 4.30. But the past few weeks i wasn't even sure if I could finish a 4.45 or even run the marathon because of successive injuries and sleepless nights because my brother Ton and I with the entire Condura Team were busy preparing for the Condura Race but in the end i think the race was pretty good.
The most challenging portions of the race course has to be the rolling hills of the skyway and the Condura hill at naia exit but lets not forget the kalayan flyover at the 30km marker. Oh man my legs were turning to jello.
For now i need to rest take it easy and eat I'm starving and please no more carbos that's all I ate for 3 freaking days. I want a Peking duck!!!!!
To everyone who participated in the race Congratulations! Thank you very much. We apologise for any inconvenience or misunderstanding. Will see you next year.
Lt Col . Ken Tenebro of the U.S. Army and I 100 meters away from the finish line. I was totally exhausted ( can you see the tears behind them glasses )