Condura Run - Skyway - Secondwind Running Clinic

Condura Run with the expertise of Second wind running store conducted a running clinic for the Sykway group. It was very well attended clinic mostly from the Skyway security group. The people who will be responsible in directing traffic and insuring the safety of all the runners participating in the Condura Run. Part 1 - A simple lecture on Running 101 were the basic was thought & participants asked some questions.
One comment that really cracked up the entire group is when one participant said ," Sumali ako sa 3k last year pero sa 5k ako na tapos dahil ang babae sa harap ko sinundan ko dahil ang ikli nang shorts nya". English - "last year i joined the 3k event but i finished the 5k event instead because i followed the girl in front of me who had extremely short shorts".

Part 2 - the participant's under the instruction of Secondwind instructors did warm ups, stretching, actual run and warm down. It was held at the basketball area at the back of there office. Part 3 - Was the best of all awarding of certificates and free mirenda courtesy of Contel Communications.

Overall it was very successful run clinic and it was a very fulfilling to share your passion to the skyway group "may they make running a way of life".
Special thank you to the Secondwind team. Great job!