32.21 km Confidence Run

I did a 32.21 km run today.
My last long run before the Condura Run.
I needed to do this long run to get my confidence back because i was hit by a major injury so late in my preparation i was scared i would not be ready for the Marathon. When your injured your mind plays tricks on your brain it really affects your confidence. At 1 point i was even thinking of just joining the 21k event but i told myself. " Hey! I've gone this far to just let my dreams slip away." "All the months of preparation physically but most of mentally was not just going to get away that easy".My 32km run went well not the greatest but it was enough to get me back on track. When you dream It can only be reality if you make it. It will only depend on 1 person and that is yourself.
The things the challenges us the most defines us.