Training for the CONDURA RUN MARATHON 2010

The CONDURA RUN will be on Feb.07, 2010.

Like the previous Condura Run’s. In 2008 I joined the 10k & in 2009 I joined the 21k.
For the year 2010 my plan is to do the full marathon. This will be my 3rd marathon.
Usually for the shorter distance races from 10k to 21k I can just jump in the race, I don’t really need that much preparation because my weekly mileage doesn't go below 70 km / week.

But for a Marathon If I want to do well and not hit that dreaded wall, I have to properly prepare for it.
T o run a Marathon it is important to be mentally prepared. A Marathon is a “Mind Game” and it should be treated with respect.
My target finish time is between 4:15 to 4:30. But I will be happy to finish the race in any decent time.

Monday: 25 km – 32 km
Tuesday: 13 km
Wed: Rest day or 12 km
Thursday: 20 km
Friday: 13 km
Saturday: 10 km -+ with some speed work and 3km easy run with my wife
and sometimes after that an easy game of Badminton (yes you heard it right Badminton)
Sunday: Rest day or Race Day.

I have roughly 7 weeks remaining before race day, so far my runs have been good in spite of this pesky “ Tendon Bursitis “ which comes and goes.
Hopefully, by then all systems are a go physically but most of all mentally.