Saint Patrick's Day - Birthday

Got Ya !!!!!!
I knew you would look at this older post to guess my age shame shame :-) come on Just make a wild guess !!!!!!

Today March 17 is Saint Patrick's Day. Today is also my Birthday. I am officially....... :-) years old.
Please send Gift, Cash, Running Shoes size 8.5, my home address at 337 San ....... just kidding :-)..... Just do a good deed today and that will be the perfect gift for anyone.

My usual Birthday gift to myself is I would go for a long run from anywhere of a distance from 18km to 30km. but this time I'll take it easy on the long run. I don’t want to burn myself out in preparation for the CONDURA RUN on March 22.
Instead I’ll go for a 15.13 km with some Tempo run incorporated.
My Goal is to break 2hrs. for the Condura Run 1/2 marathon event, this I think will be a better Birthday Gift to myself.

Thank you God for the :-) years. I pray that I have many more Quality years to come. I really want to see my grandchildren.
As for Getting old this is all I have to say ........"DON'T REGRET GROWING OLDER. IT'S A PRIVILEGE DENIED TO MANY"
Email Card from my Daughter :-)
RS Stick Men