Hope in Motion Run - 3

Hope in Motion Race - 3
Date: Oct.05, 2008
Venue: Ayala Alabang Village.
Race Distance: 10k. (Actual 10.23km)
Course: Concrete, Asphalt / hilly
This is 1 race I did not want to miss, not only because it was co-sponsored by Silogexpress but this was also a “Home Court Race". I reside in this village and my house is only 5 mins. Away ok maybe 3 mins away.
In spite that this race was only a village race it was very organize with adequate water supply and marshals to direct us runners in the right direction and the distance 10.23 km was excellent much better compared to the other big races I’ve joined which most of the times the actual race distance was short. There were also very few cars and no pollution.
What was equally nice is majority of the Happy Feet Runners & other friends joined the race. After the race it was none stop conversation and laughter’s.
The only things that bothered me are I counted 3 - ambulance & 3 support vehicles are they trying to tell us something....
I would rate this race a 7.

Start of the Race Venue SOS Village Happy Feet Group

Patrick C. (me), Mikey, Gigi P., Bobby, Quennie & Jinoe G. "Main dude of Takbo.ph"

Gigi P.,Tiffin,Gigi Alcantara (the fit mommy), Mikey, me, Mark, Bobby

Other Members of H.P. & Friends
More running friends, Bugobugo 85 ( wearing white cap),Bald runner ( wearing a white scarf)

The Beauty of Ayala Alabang Village