Apr 8, 2013

Rebisco @ 50 - 10km Race

 Rebisco @ 50 The Gold Rush.
It's has been almost a month since my last race.
The reason I have not been Racing Lately is because I was busy fixing my life ha ha!
But seriously, I have been busy with work and other stuff.
But because Racing is 2nd nature for me it was easy to get my bearings back
It’s in my blood so to speak.
Funny, but I still get nervous / butterflies every time I race
In spite of the sweltering heat and challenging race route (especially when we cruised by the C5 flyover). It was a good race and I think I did pretty good for my age bracket.
Looking forward to more races this summer season.
“The heat is only a feeling which the passion will overcome”.
Thank you Takbo.ph
PACE 5:20/ KM

It was so so hot, Im singing...... under the Artificial Rain