Jun 30, 2021

Pancreatic Cancer


A little bump on the road does not end your journey. It just leads you to a different path. It allows you to value the things you often take for granted. It enables you to see not only with your eyes but with your heart; to be able to discern what is truly important. It allows you a chance to never cower in fear but to be stronger and perhaps even braver.
I see a long recovery road ahead. Its time to turn these obstacles into challenges. Life, after all, is just like a marathon. In spite of this bump on the road, I will make the most of this journey.

Jun 22, 2021


I saw my mortality and it wasn’t pretty.  It has slowly deteriorated my body and played tricks in my head.  It has toyed with my emotions and hurt the people who are most dear to me. It has made me question the true meaning of life. 

Who ever said the we Runners are immortals? We are not.  Just like Superman, we too have our own Kryptonite.  Even in this fragile state  I know it is time to find the courage to change the things I cannot accept.  The spirit is strong… 

May 31, 2021


That’s the number of kilometers I raked in after 41 years of running. Never thought I’d reach this far but today, the 30th of May, is my “Runniversary”.
I normally mark these milestones by joining races but with the current situation, they have been banned for the time being.

BUT even with no race to commemorate my anniversary, the running adventure still continues with maybe just a few changes. I will still head out at the crack of dawn ready to explore the different nooks and crannies in the metropolis this time equipped with not just my cellphone and some loose change but a face mask and a bottle of alcohol.
SPEED, of course, is no longer an issue but that’s cool. I run for myself and myself alone. During the past year, I have also become somewhat “anti-social”. It’s not that I have suddenly turned shy and unfriendly but only to practice “social distancing” when on the road. Instead of chatting with friends, I just give them a good hearty wave when on the run.

I may miss the racing scene and the whole vibe it brings but it was never really about the race. It’s all about the run and I’m happy and grateful to have been on the run for 41 years....Thank you God!

Mar 22, 2021

happy birthday to me

Couldn’t find a cake big enough to fit all the candles .... so I decided to bake one instead.
“Happy birthday to me “

Mar 8, 2021


Did you know that ... The Building on the right is “TORRE DE MANILA” It has been controversial due to its proximity to the Rizal Monument. The tower has been publicly known as "THE NATIONAL PHOTO BOMBER “. Various attempts to halt construction were made from 2012 to 2017 but eventually the construction continued due to the lack of a law that forbids such constructions within the skyline of a national monument. The developers challenged conservation groups in the Supreme Court of the Philippines, stating that the National Cultural Heritage Act. of 2009 has no provision to protect skylines. In 2017, the court ruled in favor of Torre de Manila's developer, DMCI Homes, effectively deflecting further attempts to stop the construction of the building.