Aug 13, 2019

ANGi my new bff. ANGi (Angular and G-force Indicator)

Her name is ANGi my new bff.  ANGi (Angular and G-force Indicator)  is an innovative device designed to add protection, before, during, and after a crash.  It is a tiny helmet mounted electronic sensor that can direct my phone to send out a call for help in the event of a crash.  It also allows my contacts to monitor my progress through live tracking during a ride.  It does this through a pairing with a Specialized Ride App for iOS or Android devices. 

From someone who has had his share of crashes, this is a big deal.  ANGi can't stop crashes but it can call for help when you can’t and potentially get help to you sooner in the event of a crash.  Now who wouldn't want that?

Thanks Monching Rom of RACEDAY TRIATHLON for introducing me to ANGi.