On this day I have accumulated 112,490.53 kms. in my 38 years of running. I never started out thinking I would run this long nor did I ever imagine it would get this far; how a simple passion turned out to be something more meaningful. But there is a reason why I run...

Running out on the trails or through the busy streets of a city, splashing through puddles, getting drenched in the rain, there is a faint recollection of that childish joy.  But if we push on, running harder, further away from the world and the structure of our lives, we begin to feel strangely elated and at the same time connected to our inner selves... our soul.  We begin to get a vague sense of who we really are. After a long run, you feel a sense of calm, ready to tackle life’s daily challenges.

All in all, it’s been an adventure-filled running life. Running “completes me” like that missing piece to a puzzle that makes me whole; that makes me “me.”  Despite the injuries that came with the 38 years, coupled with age and aging that forced me to diversify a bit, running will always be a constant.  So tomorrow I will run again... maybe this dude may be a bit ragged and achy in some parts but still very grateful and feeling better than ever because I can still run. 

Thank you God!