Jan 17, 2018

PSE Bull Run 2018

The PSE Bull Run is usually my first Race for the year and has been since three years ago when I started joining the event.  I had originally planned on running the 21km but opted to do the 10k instead which in hindsight, worked better for me as I was a bit under the weather since the night before. 

The morning was quite nice and chilly that I hardly broke a sweat.  We traversed the familiar BGC route, Kalayaan, Buendia and back. Though it was generally a good route, it was a bit challenging.  Race started before sun up so the roads were pretty dark early on and I was consciously trying not to trip or fall into any pot holes.  Later on,  it also became a bit tricky to maneuver basically because of the sheer volume of runners from the 5,10, 21, 25 km categories merging on to the same lanes which got packed along with the walkers, selfie takers who seem to like staying in the middle of the road rather than pulling up to the side so other runners may freely pass. 

Overall, it was a good race. Nice way to start 2018 considering I was a bit under the weather but still managed to survive.