If there was one race I was not quite in the mood for, it had to be this race, "BrickRun 2017" at the MOA. Not because the race wasn't up to par. In fact, the BrickRun 2017 was quite excellently prepared; a well controlled race course with ample number of marshals, lots of hydration on the route, traffic properly managed by the organizer, and even the weather was perfect - cool and cloudy. 

My issues were not with the race but more of a personal nature. First off, the early morning race prep is getting quite difficult when you have to wake up at 2:30am for a 4:30am gun start. Second, my body didn't feel quite up to par prior to race day.  Nevertheless, I did not want to miss this race because I really do miss racing.  I guess it just was not one of my better "race days" but I was happy enough to finish the 16km run and mingle with old and new friends some of which I haven't seen in a while.  Despite the way I felt, I still try to develop an attitude of gratitude always. I am thankful and filled with appreciation for health and strength to still be able to run, thankful for the beautiful day and the people I interact with, thankful just for the experience. Rest assured I promise to make a better effort to be more "perky" on the next race even if I have to wake up at 2:30am...(Ugh!)   
With Boyfriend "BF" Paolo  C. 

My bunso Annie P.
MOA at night