Jul 31, 2017

41st MILO National Marathon

Let me tell you a story...

The last time I joined a 21 km race was in August 2016 almost a year ago. A bad injury compelled me to ease up on my running mileage and take a break from the racing scene altogether.  During that time I had undergone months of rehab, both physical and mental conditioning to finally get myself back into racing again.  It was just a few months ago when I started joining bike races and 5-10 km road races only. I was cautiously testing the waters to see how my body would fare during the short distance races.  Yet the 21km distance remained elusive until now. 

I thought, what better way to make my comeback into the 21km distance than by joining the crème de la crème of Philippine running events. Truth be told, I didn't know for sure if I was ready nor did I have any game plan. I didn't even know if my knee would hold up in the longer distance or I may not even finish. I just took a chance and registered trying my best not to overthink my decision. There were times during the days leading up to the race where I even wavered and was so tempted to downgrade to the 10km distance. I was nervous yet excited. It almost felt like I was a newbie again. 

Race day was perfect and the cool weather did help a lot. Maybe it was the endorphins, maybe it was the nerves, maybe it was the energy emanating from the crowd and my fellow runners and friends that held me up until I reached the 16km mark. That was when I felt my left leg starting to twitch which compelled me to stop a few times and stretch it out. I knew I did not want to risk another injury yet I knew that I had to do whatever it takes to finish. I ran the remaining 5km with pure heart and sheer determination. To my surprise, not only did I finish but was able to finish before the cut-off time.

I know my body is old and the good old days are behind me but I have never lost my love for running and sometimes that is all one really needs to keep going. That coupled with a positive mind, perseverance plus the support and encouragement of people who still believed in you even when you no longer believed in yourself... ( and feel like flaking ). All those ingredients put together gave me the opportunity to make my dreams come true ... yet again. In the end, it's really not about the "distance," it's the journey and this journey ain't over yet. That's my story...

Life is good ... Running made it better - RunningShield
Chilling before race day
Hey You !

Thanks for the pace " Henry "
Annie P. and " Boyfriend " Paolo C.
Jaymie P.
With my " Bunso Sister "
with great friends ,  Henry and Myra Pinga
The nicer part of that group ...

Going home .....