Running Pictures - Stash 2

Don't ask me about Politics because i do not want to get involved.
Don't ask me about business because i do not know much.
But ask me about Running and i will take you on an Adventure - RS
Somedays you want to Run. Somedays you have to run ..... today is that day.
Let me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees. 
Runningshield !
Now where did i drop the keys 
 Pizza !!!!
 runningshield ..... me :-)
my chocolate is talking to me  
 ART to the rescue 
 When i cant Run ... i Bike 
That is a BIG COCK !!!
Typhoon Karen ??? no problem my ship is ready :-) 
 love this :-)
Checking my form . Conclusion my Body is tabingi 
Hey Stalker !