The North Face PH 100 - 2016


             Sometimes the spirit is willing but the body is not so much.  Thats what happened during the recent TNF 100 - 2016 in Baguio City, a much anticipated race that took months of preparation but unfortunately also plagued with lots of injuries. My training not only consisted of daily runs but frequent rehab sessions as well.  Given the situation, I once again decided to downgrade from the 22km event to the 11km event.  This was quite heartbreaking for me knowing how much I really enjoy running the trails of Baguio, my fave running playground. However, I feared the treacherous race route may just cause more injury to myself and render me invalid for quite a long time.

 Though it was only a short 11km race, the course was pretty tough which had us runners climbing up and down lots of ravines.  The route took us through some of my favorite trails in Baguio (Eco trail and Yellow trail) and I enjoyed every minute of it, so much so that I found myself taking my time, enjoying the scenery while careful not to trip on any exposed tree roots which were scattered all over the race course. As careful as I was, all I can say is "OOOPS! I did it again" - tripped on an exposed root and fell somewhere along yellow trail with a huge bruised right hip to show for it. I guess its back to PT again for me. 

I dont know if I made a wise decision to downgrade. Maybe I could have done pretty well in the 22km distance but instead of second guessing myself, best to just let it go and move on.  There will always be another time, another race....with the hope that, one day, the spirit and the body can jive once again. 
Thanks Rene V. for the pic
Good Morning Baguio !
Iron I.

The Champ - Manolito and Rene

Marie N. is done with her race and i have just started

Ate Grace.

Baguio Friends - Alex T. and Ate Grace
Robie Strong !!!
Hey Abet !!

Favorite Post Race Mirenda 
Street Corn and Rhubarb  Pie w/ Vanilla ice cream