Gold Rush . Ampucao Itogon , Benguet - 21km Race

The Benguet Gold Rush 2150 Run 2015 held in Ampucao, Itogon Benguet last November 29 is the FINAL leg of the MountainMan Series.  I expected the course to be tough but that would be an understatement.  For a 21km distance, what would normally take me 1hr 50mins for road or 2hrs 45mins for trail took me over 5 HOURS (!!!) to finish.  That's how f@#*ing tough it was.  

Though the race started at 5:30 am on relatively paved roads and flat land, it didn't take long before the route led us to a lush rocky forest; the sun delicately casting rays of light between the trees as it slowly started to rise.  We found ourselves passing through herds of grazing cows, a sacred burial cave, rickety metal hanging bridges.  We climbed up 50° angle slopes and trekked through ridges, grassy uplands and rolling mountain paths.  And then there is that captivating view; a  360° panoramic vision that just leaves you breathless.  I could not help but spend a few moments absorbing and appreciating its immense beauty while enjoying the 15° cool mountain air. 

Needless to stay there were quite a few mishaps; I fell 4 times with one time landing flat on my face and a few scratches here and there.  I am just glad that my nagging injury did not bother me that much which made the race much more enjoyable.  Depleted as I was at the end, the experience was all so worth it. 

This will probably be my last Trail Race for the 2015 and I'm glad to have ended the year on a good high.  Looking forward to more adventures on the year ahead. 

     Congratulations to Race Director, Stephen B.
                                                What goes DOWN .... has to GO UP !

My Stupid look for the day matching  bruise on my right cheek. 
I fell flat on my face near Santa Fe ridge.
If you dont see the " red flag " that means you are lost 
 Whoever "Carved" that Sign on the Boulder has no conscience :-(
The Perfect Post Race meal !
" Jacks " Restaurant a hole in the wall beside SaveMore in downtown Baguio.
 Sarap na mura pa !
Kamote Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream yummy !
 Arka's Restaurant located at Tiptop Ambuklao.