Jul 29, 2015

Asics - L TimeStudio Media Launch

Test running my new ASICS AG01 GPS watch on the trails today.  The ASICS GPS watch was launched recently by L Timestudio at the 100 Miles Cafe in BGC where a few running aficionados and myself were briefed on the GPS watch's main features and functions which proved quite useful for a non-techie guy like me.  I opted for the "Fire Red" color to fit my personality (haha) and the new GPS feature finally compliments my “obsession“ for accurate distance runs.  
You can read all about the new ASICS GPS and their line other line of watches on their website :

Judith Staples of L - Timestudio.
Im not Worthy to be in between Philippine Best Athletes 
Kathy Kay - Long Jump
Mary Tabagal - Womens Marathoner
The Real Deal .
Jesson Cid - Philippine  Decathlon
Kathy Kay -  Philippine Long Jump
Mary Tabagal - Philippine Women Marathoner
The Gang