Tnf 100 2015 Conquer All Boundaries

This is the first time I've ever joined a TNF Race which, for 2015, was held at Nuvali.  It was a 3 day / 3 Race Event: the 100km, 50km and 22km.  I was contemplating on taking on the 50km event but decided to back out and just run the 22 km. 
which turned out to be a wise decision on my part.  Based on  the feedback I got from friends, the 100km and 50km route was BRUTAL!  The course consisted of ravines, river crossings, vertical hill climbs just to name a few.  It was so brutal that 80 percent of the runners were not able to finish.  

The 22km was not that difficult 
with extreme humidity the only problem I had to contend with plus the fact that I'm pretty familiar with the Nuvali trail.  I do hope that the TNF organizers plan on bringing the event back to Baguio where the race has been held for the past years. I just feel Baguio is perfect for trail running.  If that should happen,  I just MIGHT give the 50km event another shot. 

" Blurry " feeling Speedy Gonzales 

My Favorite Running Friend Stella P. 
Making quento with her is so much Fun, I forget all my Problems ... especially people i owe money
 :-) !
Running Friends 
Puffy Eyes ... Yucky teeth and Bad hair day ! yuck !!!! :-(
i look Ugly ... and the race hasn't even started yet.