Sierra Madre 51050 Race 21 km ...... Make that 26.15 kms

When I was invited to join the Sierra 51050 - 21km, it was an opportunity I didn't want to pass up.  In fact, I was so looking forward to this race and was quite excited to finally run it.  As early as 2000, I would already hear some incredible stories about Sierra Madre, Quezon  with its breath taking views, snake-winding roads and cool weather.  It is also a prominent playground for fast expensive cars and big motorcycle bikes which I saw a lot of during the race.  Some bikers even called out my name who I believe are friends of my brother Robie, an avid biker himself. 

Running The Sierra 51050 really lived to its name with its endless lung-busting hills which, at one point, would make a runner  question his “sanity" as to why he is doing this.  I tried to stay focused  and strong all the way especially during the 19th km mark when a spectator shouted at me “Sir PAT pang 6Th place" which motivated me to push even harder and hopefully finish in the top 3.  Unfortunately, a CRUCIAL misdirection from a Marshall caused me precious time.  Instead of him directing me towards the finish line he told me to go further straight and as I got to the next check point another Marshal told me again to go straight.  It was only when a motorcycle biker approached me and said, “Sir, lampas ka na" that I had to make my way back to the finish line but only after covering a distance of 26.15 KILOMETERS !!!!   Naturally, I was a quite disappointed in the error made not only by the Marshall but also myself.  There really is no one to blame and I will just use it as a learning experience; something to remember in future races.  Besides, I didn't mind doing a long run anyway and I still had a great time running the Sierra Madre which I hope to do again next year.

Congratulations to Abet Ocampo, Running Atom and Rundevous Group.  Thanks again and will see you guys next year. 

The Snake Route of Sierra Madre
Cambodian Vines
All set for the Hills
Good Friends Forever.  Rene V. and Rash P. 
The Lady Champions - 2nd placer Rhina S. and  1st placer Rash P. 

Saw this silly sign :-)

Update as of March .05 ,2015

I recently received a PM from the Marshall of the Sierra 51050 Race expressing his sincere apology for mis-directing me during the race.  I feel it was a very noble gesture on his part and big of him to do so.  All I can say is....thank you for the PM,  apology accepted, no harm done.  Mistakes do happen and I guess the most important lesson here, one that we can all learn from is that -  “A true test of character is admitting and apologizing for ones mistake".