Trail Running

Heading up to Baguio for the Pine Tree Race not only gave me a chance to revisit the city, hang with some old running friends, check out the sites and sample their delicious food.  It also gave me an opportunity to run some trails that the mountain city had to offer.   There was a time during my youth - my early running years - where I had easy access to run in the forest trails of Vancouver or the rice fields, farm lands and beaches down south.  For someone who had been running and training on roads for a good while, being able to do this again is a big perk for me. 

It has been said that trail running improves balance and agility.  The uneven terrain offers a tougher workout and also utilizes different muscles.  Aside from these added physical benefits, however, there is also a rush in running the trails that road running just can’t give you;  an all-natural running high in the great outdoors wherein one can simply soak up the essence of what nature has to offer and capture those special moments that get you most excited which could be as simple as taking in a mighty view.  Running, for me, is all about the adventure and trail running is an adventure of a different kind. Besides, getting down and dirty while running makes me feel way more "cooler" than I actually am. I'm definitely looking forward to doing more trail running in the future. 
Happy Trails everyone!