Running Tales # 5 : Coins

I see them a lot every time I run. 5's, 1's and 25's - these coins just lying on the road - anywhere  and everywhere I go . They are apparently  more prevalent  in bus and Jeepney junctions, food stalls and the like. 

I imagine the harried commuter scrambling for change trying to catch that ride possibly unaware that he or she may have dropped a few or perhaps,  they must have been  in too much of a hurry to even  bother and scrounge for tiny coins that have seemingly fallen into oblivion.  But I see them and I see them a lot. 

Being the miser that I am, I would pick them up - no matter what the denomination -  and stash them in a "special" jar knowing that, one day,  the road frequently traveled will buy me that special  "Taho"... which, by the way, is perfect after a good run.