Running Tales # 1 : Cariton Family

There is a family I frequently encounter during my runs. I call them the "Cariton" family simply because this is where this family of three - a father, mother and their little boy, literally lives - in a Cariton. They are never in the same place but stay around the vicinity of Makati Avenue by the "red light" district. They have been such a regular sight during my runs that I have made it a habit to give them some spare change whenever I see them.  No fail.

Then there was a day I had planned a long run, one of the few I've scheduled in preparation for an upcoming marathon. I got myself all psyched and was just about 7 kms into my run when I see the "Cariton" family just up ahead. Not wanting to stop and interrupt my run, I tried to avoid them by just simply passing them by.  The Father, however, saw me and called out "kuya!" and I just quickly replied "NEXT TIME nalang..."  and proceeded  on my way.

It wasn't long after when I felt a sudden tug in my heart that I just couldn't shake off and I knew why.  So I immediately turned back - back to the "Cariton" family - and handed them a little something; maybe a small gesture on my part but it must have been a much needed blessing for this family. They thanked me profusely as they usually do, always grateful and with a huge SMILE.  With that deed done, I went on my way and continued my run; the tugging in my heart completely gone.

I ran 31.56 kms that day. So did my run feel any better?  Frankly, no.  Did I do the right thing? Yes.  They say, making one person smile can change the world – maybe not the whole world, but their world.  I know I should always try to never miss an opportunity for kindness... because sometimes in life there just may not be a "NEXT TIME".