Every Race is an Adventure

Fiesta Time  "Bandaritas" on the race route 

Something totally unique and quite unexpected @ the Bohol International Marathon - 17 km hydration station : barbecue, hotdog, fried egg and pandesal all properly arranged in chafing dishes.  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised and extremely tempted. 

Every race is an experience. Each unexpected encounter is priceless. Gotta love running out of town. Makes for a different change of "pace".

Move over CSM  Hydration and Food Station ... BIM has the " Catered Station "
Even Super Hero's have to eat sometime 
Hydration Station maned by Bohol Volunteers now that's what i call " Bayanihan "

It wasnt a Race but an " ADVENTURE "

To entertain the runners a karaoke behind a pick up truck was cruising the race route. i think the music they were playing was a Thousand Years - Christina Perri  

Sun, Sand and Race