My Bald Spot

I took a running Selfie from behind and I noticed the Bald Spot located at the upper back portion of my head. 
My Bald Spot.

Friends of mine also took pictures of me from behind and you can't miss the unmistakable thinning crown which is my Bald Spot.
 My Bald Spot.

Some say balding comes with age.  Some say its hereditary.
In my case, I suspect it's both.
Whatever it is, I have a Bald Spot.
My Bald Spot.

Minoxidil,  Propecia... I sure could use your magic now
because if all else fails, I just may look like a monk someday and 
a toupee is out of the question.
Then again, it may not be so bad going "Aerodynamic."
My Bald Spot !