34 Years .....

They say unleashing a passion can transform a life. That was what I did unwittingly over 3 decades ago.  Today, May 30, 2014 is my Running Anniversary and after 34 years of running, I have accumulated a total of 97,982.02 kms. 

Oddly enough, it all started from "humble" beginnings  -  Plopped down on a couch (most likely with a bag of chips beside me), watching a marathon on TV; a young teen overweight at 220 lbs with a 5'5" frame.  Who would have ever thought a life could transform after just taking a few running steps.

The thing about passion and my running is that it was never about aiming to improve ones health, to lose weight, to relieve stress or to prove anything to myself ( although all these benefits are a welcome bonus ).  I run because it is something I simply love to do.  It is when I run that I am happy. It is during my runs that I find my bliss.

I do hope that I can run until the day I die although I am grateful enough for having been granted the opportunity to indulge in my passion for the past 34 years. I pray that my running journey continues on and hopefully give me the chance to show other people the joy of running and how it can be a way of life.