NatGeo 21km Race

I did not register for the NatGeo Earth Day Marathon 2014 due to a conflict of schedule but when my sched eventually cleared up, by that time, the 42km and 21km events were all sold out.  Being a popular race, that was to be expected.  So being desperate, I made a plea - a shot in the dark - but as luck would have it, a good friend heard my request and was able to spare me one. 

The 21 km race gun start was at 3 am. To be honest, I REALLY HATE 3 AM GUN STARTS. I literally have to sleep by 6 pm and get up at 12 midnight just to get ready... but again beggars can't  be choosers.  Racing in the month of April is also quite a challenge with the weather already being extremely hot and humid. I normally don't drink much in a race but this time I loaded in cups and cups of water and pocari sweat hydration drinks.  The course was quite tough as well which made it a bit of a struggle. In the end, however, the  more challenging the race, the better you feel when you reach your goal.

It was a good race and a good day.  I'm thankful that I even got to run the race and will make sure that I get to register on time and secure a race bib for  next year. 

The 3 Race Organizers : Jonel M. , me and Jinoe -
With good run friend Pepe and boyfriend Paolo 
My Favorite Running Lady friend " Emily " always so happy