Holy week ....

Picture by - Thomas Hawk

In my years of existence,  I have never been alone for Holy week. Usually I'm with family or friends at the beach or somewhere out of town or out of the country.  For this year however,  I'll be spending Holy Week alone.  Maybe there is a reason for my solo flight this year.  Maybe it is a sign for me to be still, possibly read some verses in the bible and listen to what His message is for me especially during these complicated times of great trials. I would also be able to get some writing done and go for longer meditative runs. 
 Whatever it may be, I will take this opportunity to be selfless and make time to reflect, repent and pray not only for myself but for family and friends as well most especially those who may be going through tough times and personal suffering. Being alone for Holy Week will surely allow me the chance to strengthen my faith and deepen my personal relationship with the Lord.

Have a blessed Holy Week.