Tokyo 2014

 For this year 2014, Concepcion Industries Inc. had its annual stockholders meeting in Tokyo, Japan. It was good to once again travel with the clan and catch up on some family bonding time as well.  I must admit, however, that I was largely looking forward to venturing out on some running adventures in the 'land of the rising sun'. 

The weather in Tokyo was freezing ranging from about 5c to 8c with a wind chill reaching 0c. Not only was it extremely cold but the occasional rain made it a bit difficult to walk around. Wet and cold is never a good combination. Running though is a different story.

All geared and bundled up, running in the extreme cold was quite exhilarating.  I hardly broke a sweat and the cold somewhat numbed my legs which felt even better.  Running also gave me a chance to explore and absorb the sights, sounds and culture that Tokyo has to offer by running through its streets, parks, monuments, markets, bridges and alleys just to name a few.

Unfortunately, my daily runs were not enough to prevent the pounds from creeping in. It's no secret that bonding time with the clan also meant a lot of eating (and occasional drinking) so I "vowed" to seriously cut back on the calories once I get to Manila. SERIOUSLY.

All in all, the stock holders meeting was a success, family bonding time was a riot and my Tokyo running adventures - priceless.  Looking forward to many many many more... wherever that may be. 

 Guess who i bumped into at the lobby of Peninsula Hotel
 "Ronnie Woods " Lead Slide Guitarist of the Band "Rolling Stones"