51 !!!!!

 Today I am officially a half century + 1.  In a span of just one year,  there have been a few distinguishable CHANGES.

For starters, I still have the same head of hair but just a bit more white. Sadly though, the grade of my reading glasses went up by a few more notches. My body (more particularly my legs) has to now undergo monthly maintenance check-ups from a professional physical therapist... much like a motor vehicle after every 5000 kms. Fiber has now officially become my best friend making my life less  "stressful". I also noticed that my wardrobe has taken a more colorful twist sometimes veering away from the usual "all black" outfit. 
Then there's my thing for "wings" which started with a wing Ink on my left arm but has now evolved to a wing Pendant, a wing Ring and who knows what next. These are just a few of the quirks of being middle aged I guess. 
But I believe the most noticeable change is that I now have a BIGGER SMILE on my face.
Exactly a year ago I recall putting this post on my blog INSANITY 2013  Maybe I needed to go just a little bit insane to get to where I am today but it was all worth it.  Suddenly I find a whole new life has opened before me.  We can’t stop the clock, but we can keep our spirits young with humor, gratitude, creativity and the right attitude.  So be it 51... 55... 81, it doesn't really matter.  What is important is to aim to live a full and happy life, to do what you love, and to treat everyone with kindness and respect.
So another year has passed yet again but the sentiment is still the same.  Each day we get is a blessing, a gift, and I am grateful for each and every day.  Thank you God for always taking care of my 2 "wonderful" girls. Thank your for keeping me healthy and safe especially during my Running adventures.  Thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed and for those yet to come.
Oh and before I forget I'm still 5'5 ft in height, 128 lbs. and still running.... Amen.