Santa RUNtantan 2013

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas !
Its almost the end of the year and I just wanted to do one more race before the Holidays come into full swing. Admittedly my legs have been a bit tired and kinda lost it's speed lately probably because of all the heavy weekly mileage I've been raking in plus all the 21km and above consecutive races I've been joining almost every week.

When I was invited by Berwin Meiley to join this race, I readily accepted.  16 km is a good race distance and I also like the hands on and attention to detail that Bearwin does to insure all his races have no hitches.  The race started at exactly 5 am at Aseana City. Aseana  City seems to be garnering the reputation as the new running playground for good quality races. We did several giant loops around MOA which was great...traffic free and pollution free.  But somewhere at the 10 km distance, we were somewhat misdirected along the route.  We were led back to the right path eventually but the race distance ran longer ending at 17.32 instead of 16 km.

Hitches like these do happen and that's fine by me.  I had fun and I didn't mind the extra distance....which at least allowed me eat that extra slice of litson for lunch guilt free ;-).

Looking forward to more racing in 2014  ....... but maybe I just might do one more race before year end ;-)

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guess what's behind my back : -)

Thanks Michael for the pic : - )