Subic Victory Run - Night Race

When your 50 like I am and you know your body is slowly degenerating, when your legs don't seem to have the same umph as they once did, having one of them "GOOD DAYS" is quite rare.  Well, at the Subic Victory Night Race, my legs were feeling great and I was even able to pick up the pace.  I noticed I was passing a lot of the younger runners and still had some steam in my legs. In short, I was pumped.  Thats when I knew I was having one of them  "good days".... maybe even good enough to break my PR or finish at a good spot.  

But somewhere in the first loop, the marshals led us in the wrong direction and I already knew this would compromise the actual race distance at the end. Even then, we just got ourselves back on track and I started to really pick up the pace.  On the final loop, I just floored it and finished strong with still some juice left in my legs. 

After the race and without much hullabaloo,  I just picked up my loot bag , got myself a take-out pizza and went back to the hotel just like any normal race day. I was informed later on that a teenager I passed came in 9th place. If my 50 year old memory serves me right, there were a few more boys I over took after him, which means that there's a pretty good chance I could actually be in the top 5.  Although I do run these races just for the challenge and pure enjoyment I get from it, I have to admit that getting a good rank is most definitely a welcome bonus. 

The other times when I felt I was having a "good day" was at the Rock and Roll 21 km where I ran an additional 5 km which was an error on my part. The other time was during the Macau Marathon 2012.  Unfortunately,  what was suppose to be a  standard 42.2 km marathon ended up 3 km. too long as the officials would announce the following day. about an "old man's jinx."

Oh well, still hoping for more of them "GOOD DAYS"... Just an old runner's wish.  

( marshals mistake )