The Art of Laying a SHIT

The Art of Laying a SHIT 
***** but will just call it “S”
At one time or another, we  - Runners, Triathletes  Bikers alike all experience it....that moment we all dread  and wish would never come....that  inescapable call of nature at the most unexpected moment.  

Such is common scenario on race day:
You wake up in the morning, have coffee and then take a “S “.
Before you head out the door,  you have to take another “S” .
Hoping you're done with the deed for the day,   you're now breezing through the race gunning for a personal record  and  on the 15 km mark of a 21 or 30 km, you suddenly  feel the need to take another "S".   And if you've taken a laxative (dulcolax) the night before, you can just kiss your personal record and "ass" goodbye. 

We have tried all remedies and tricks... Bananas to harden your “S”,  2 lomotil 1 hour before your run,  avoiding fibrous foods the night before etc but nada...."S" happens without warning.  
So what is the solution to this “S” problem for all of us athletes? 
Frankly, I don't know coz if I did, I would most likely have a PR in all my RACES!!!!

 I guess when   you gotta go …. You just go.
There really isn't that  much ART to it. 

If anyone out there has a solution to this "S" problem, please do share.  You will be doing us all a big big favor :)