Baguio Weekend   2013

In the early 80’s I went to Baguio for a little R & R.  Though it was an agonizing 8-hour car drive back then,  to me it was all worth it.

Being in Baguio always makes me reminisce of my early  childhood years....of  family vacations spent in our old house along Legarda  Street, of visits to Burnham Park & Mines View Park, the Baguio Cathedral, the Public Market and strolling along  Session  Road.  

Back then, I loved Baguio so much  I seriously considered actually moving and relocating  to this  mountain province.  I love the  weather which  is  just perfect for running....and sleeping, and eating, and practically everything else.  I love it especially when it rains leaving a fresh  cool chill in the air.   I love the terrain...the rolling hills , red mud, grassy plains, tall lush trees, the scent of pines ....and let's not forget, horse manure.   Baguio just had this quaint rustic charm that appealed to me. 

Unfortunately, no matter how interested I was to relocate ,  I knew it was just not feasible.    At that time,  I didn't think there would be much of a market for aircons in the city dubbed as "the Summer Capital of the Philippines."    So, I just decided to stay put in Manila but visit Baguio whenever I could. 

Fast forward to the present and here I am back in Baguio almost 10 years after.  Baguio has obviously changed from last I remember.....but, its definitely good to be back .