World Vision

 World Vision 21 km Run.

Saturday was suppose to be a NO RUN DAY - my rest day before the World Vision 21 km Run.  But when I woke up at 4 am Saturday morning, I just had this sudden urge to go for a run.  So, against my better judgement,  I went for an easy 8.23 km run that day. 

I already knew I was going to pay for this come race day.  Doing the math, I had been running since Wednesday - 5 days straight - with an average of 16 km per day.  Maybe I should no longer expect a sub 2 hr finish but just as the famous Justin  Bieber song goes -  "Never Say Never"  - I still hoped to give it a shot.

The Race Route was your typical  “ Rio “ route.  
The weather was cool and no rain “Perfect “
I was running ok till I hit the 15 km mark. My legs felt like “ logs”  instead  of gunning for a PR or a Sub 2 hrs. I just basically cruised and tried to finish as comfortably as I could.
Good Race
Good Run.
It was also nice to see some old faces and meet new friends.
Thank you God

 Distance : 21 km
Time : 2:01
I think i better put some meat in my  Legs ... Arms 
Best Friend  " Paolo C. "
Rene ... Blas... Me
Men in Black
Jowel M.
Ricky on my right ..
Christian on my right. ( i think you should be a basket ball player instead )
You are too tall or am i just short :-)