Chapters of my life as a long distance runner.

                 I think the main reason why I did not break my PR in the RU – 32 km event is because I was Physically Present in the Race but was mentally / emotionally in a Different  World. 
Some call it  - Out of Body Experience.  I call it - escape from reality to face reality.
               Sometimes, when I am in my zone,  the kilometers just fly by.  I see nothing...I hear nothing.  I am in a trance.  At that moment,  nothing exists and I am at peace with myself.  It’s a wonderful feeling and quite comforting even.  But as I near the finish line, reality creeps back and I feel my soul reconnecting with my body.  I cross the finish line sometimes in a daze as to where and who I am.
               When I run, this is when my mind is most active.  Running is like a form of therapy that allows me to face  my reality,  learn to accept it  and figure out how to tackle certain situations so I may function better in this world they call Norm.  Running allows me to do some pretty heavy thinking and  problem solving.   My solutions may not always be the right ones  but at least I can say that I tried.
So in last RU2 -  32 km journey,  I felt alive and at peace with myself.  Running is my therapy happy pill so to speak.   
Always make running a way of life. 
-       RunningShield / Raul Patrick Concepcion