Slimmers World 21 KM

Slimmers World 2013
I went to the race venue at 3.15 am and wondered why no runners were in sight. For a while there I thought I screwed up the race date until I asked around and checked the race detail pamphlet.  It said, ” Race Gun Start is at 5am ”.....yeah,  stupid of me!!!!! 
Oh well, at least  the best part of being early at the race venue is that you get to be the first to use the portalet which was still clean and pretty smelling.
But then another booboo, the race started at 4.45am and not 5am.  Though I was not properly warmed up yet, I  had no choice but to just focus and run. Luckily,  I was already positioned at the starting line.
The race was generally OK and they even got the distance correct.  (My Garmin registered 21.90 km.) However, I only had one complaint ---WHERES THE WATER !!!! They did serve vitwater along the race route but, from my experience,  vitwater just made me thirstier.  What a runner needs is Water.   Especially with the extreme heat and humidity, H2O is definitely a must. 
Since I wasn't really in race mode, I  did not attempt to push the pace.  I was just basically cruising yet, to my surprise,  still ended with a sub 2 finish.... again! Yay!
In spite of everything,  it was a good race and I'm sure it will improve next year.
FINISH TIME :1.58.31
PACE : 5.37 / km

Thank you Asics for the Cumulus 14