What i saw .....

I woke up at 3.30 am i don't know why...
Instead of just sitting around doing nothing.
I got my Running gear  and with my dilapidated camera
I went to one of my favorite Running Place.
This is what i  saw when i went Running.
Reflections of building on the Pasig River. Which side is UP ? Figure it out 
Haven't seen this in a long time. Native Products in a Cariton.
In the 70's i could still remember when Carabo's would be ply EDSA selling native products.
This i like --- Drinking Cat... Sleeping Guard
Graffiti on a side of a bridge
Girls..... I mean boys ... i mean.... You know.
They could be contestant for Ms. Universe
I heard Donald duck, Yosemite Sam , Elmer Fud stay in this hotel...."That's all folks  
Pasig River
You know "Planet Sports" right .....well "Pancit Planet "
Street kids sleeping by the river. A " River View " COOL!! right outside there Bedroom.... So who has better reality property ? them or us ...
Cousins Building on the other side of the River
To the left....To the left