Safeguard – 2XU Sole Racing 2013

Forgive me for I have sinned….
April 19, 2013 (Friday)
-       I got Drunk ( just a bit )
-       I smoked 3… 4 …. OK maybe 5 sticks of cigarette.
-       I slept at 3 am ( Saturday ) April 20,2013
When I woke up around 7 am my body was aching and I had a slight hangover.
I’m not use to getting wasted anymore. Ha ha
I rarely drink, smoke and usually I’m in bed around 10 pm (the latest).
I was afraid that the late night incident would affect my performance for the 21 km Safeguard Race.
But when Sunday morning came (Race day) I seemed pretty much OK already.
Safeguard race was “BYOB “Bring your own bottle" Meaning the organizer supplies the water but the runner brings his own bottle / container.
The start of the race was unbelievably HUMID!!!!!
Wala pang 5 km I was already perspiring like a pig.
A sub 2 hrs was not in my mind anymore I was just hoping for a good finish time
But surprisingly somewhere in the 12 km I got my rhythm and I was running pretty well. Slowly by slowly I was overtaking the younger runners.
The course was fast, challenging and fun and still with some steam in this “50 “year old leg of mine I was able to pick up the pace and finish in a good time.
Thank you God.
See you at NatGeo.

FINISH TIME: 1:57:44

With the Boys !
The Philippine Best Triathlete "Noy Jopson"
Doing the  Superman Position
With Running Friend below :-)
Finish line

" Life is an Adventure 
Running just made it better - RS "