ScholaRun - 10 km

It was a rainy Sunday morning March 03, 2013.
 It's been a while since I have raced the shorter distance, I think all of this mega mileage really kills my short twitch Muscles. 
While most of the local runners joined a race on the bay side of town I opted to run  at the Fort Taguig area and support a less popular race called “ SCHOLARUN”  BUT  in my opinion this is a much better race because of its homey atmosphere. 
The organizers were the AmCham Foundation and Lead Pack/  - Mr.Jinoe Gavan. Berwin Meiley did an excellent job playing the role of MC very funny guy and entertaining :-)
             I estimate about 2500 runner's participated in the said race (combined 3 5 and 10 km event) I was a bit apprehensive to race because of this nagging injury behind my right calf muscle. Sometimes it would twitch and make me limp, I think it’s a pinch nerve but during race time I was surprised that there was no pain and I was pretty free flowing. Thank you God.!
It was a  good race and I totally enjoyed.
FINISH TIME - 54:28 
PACE - 5:27/KM 
Till next time :-)

Im at the back