Cebu - Stockholders meeting

 Its once again  our annual Concepcion industries  Inc. stockholders meeting. For this year 2013 we decided to have it in Shangrila Resort ,Mactan Cebu City .
Because CII is a family corporation. Our stockholders meeting is really not a meeting but more of a bonding, quentuhan, and eating session and  when I say  eating session what i really meant is  ” Pig-out ” session. Every stockholders  meeting gives us a clearer prospective in the direction of the company and how we can compete globally. I also don't think the 4 th generation is interested in working for the company which means a more professional management approach is needed .
After the meetings late night dinner and bonding time  with the family i look forward to going to bed because the morning is my ”PATRICK ” alone time . This is the time i would go for my run to stay mentally  balanced.
I would also bring my cheap camera and take random  pictures of things i would see when I run.
These are some of the pics RunningShield
Saw on his run.
I really love Cebu ....till then. 
The 2nd and 3rd Generation 
Concepcion Industries Inc. Stockholders.
I am not so hard to spot im the Darkest and with my Funky bag :-)
My dad " Raul " and mom on the left 
Uncle Joecon and wife on the right
Do you know my dad and Uncle are twins :-)
 First Running Day from hotel ran pass the  Marcelo Fernan Bridge and back
Total distance 18.45 km
My funky bag having a Mojito
 Second day - ran in the beach , mangroves near Mactan Airport 
Total distance 15.34 km
 Third day ran around and end at the Beach in Shangrila 
Total distance 15.72 km
Will you pls look at my pic not at the lady on the left ha ha !

What i saw on the road when i was running 
kfc rooster
The simple life
i love cheap bread
Fish by the road
Peanuts, fish cracker ... sarap
Man cannot live on bread alone
That is why the Cebuano's invented LECHON
Im not sure what this is :-(

On my last running day before going back to manila, My running route passed by the 
2nd All women Ultra Marathon.
i dropped by to say hi to a few friends
Rhiz Buac of BlueWater resorts 
Joseph B. and I
Lasang Runner's from Cebu. 
nice crazy running group full of energy !
i had to have a picture with them