Why do you Run ?

Because you want to run with the Stars
Or to be a shoe endorser ?
but Maybe you just want to run circles at the CCP !
Or say hi to a Stallion
make that  3..4 Stallions
to join the Army
to have a buko with the yellow boys
to run in the GrandStand 
 Or to run the Red brick road
Or run with the Street children
Or to run at a port near by
zoom by a  Ghetto signs !!!
double zoom by a Cemeteries Scary !!
but Running is Cheaper
 But at the end of the day i would rather have an ice cream cone
Or better yet fly a plane 
After i go Palengke of course
 Is that a white unicorn i see
this brings me back to my childhood
But never forget to go to church
because God is always behind you
I love to Run