7 11 RUN 800

21 km Event
After several postponement the 711 Run 800 at Cavitex was a GO …. Finally!
I remember the race was scheduled sometime Oct 2012 and got postponed 2 or 3 times ( I lost count already ) in fact I already misplaced my receipt to claim my race bib and when I found it the print was already faded ( thermal paper ).
Even the leading Running Digest, groups, bloggers etc. refused to post the race details in their respective sites already  because nobody believed it was ever going to happen…. But it did and
If the south has the SkyWay …. The south – south has the Cavitex or better known as the Coastal Road.
The Route was beautiful the sea on one side and civilization on the other side.
It was like I was running in an extended airport run way it went on… and on… and on.
Though only one side of cavitex was closed it was ok. Still a lot of room to pick up the pace.
The weather was also chilly around 20C. This really helped the runners stay hydrated. Talking about staying hydrated 711 being a major distributor of all the drinks in the Phil. The route was lined up with coke … Pepsi…. Procari…. Gatorade…. Ions …..Etc. it was like a buffet of drink galore.
But I think because of the cold weather I am developing a very very bad cold and cough will have to take it easy for the next few days till then……